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Jimmy C And The Blues Dragons
by Pete Feenstra, Soundcheck Mag


Stepping into the breach at the very last minute, Jimmy C and his enthusiastic band made the most of their opportunity with a fine blues shake down topped by some searing rock and roll.

Canadian born Jimmy Coletsis (for it is he) spends half of his time in the UK, and half in Japan - where he has recorded a forthcoming live album. In between times, he heads back to his native Canada for the occasional festival where he enjoys a loyal fan base.

Meanwhile at this unexpected headline show at the Torrington, Jimmy charmed, cajoled, and ultimately won over his new found audience with a sparkling show. There's nothing remotely new about Jimmy - save for a handful of impressive self pennned blues rock outings and shuffles. But ultimately it's the man's "joie de vivre" and T Bone Walker style guitar that hits the spot.

In a lively two set show, Jimmy threw in his take on ol' T Bone, added some BB King, threw in the occasional Howlin Wolf and got the whole room dancing with John Fogerty's "Run Through The Jungle". The fact that Jimmy and the boys were able to blaze their way through a brace of Chuck Berry and Jimi Hendrix numbers , said more about their innovative arrangements and fine playing than any paucity of material.

Jimmy C & The Blues Dragons take you back to somewhere roundabout the late 60's, early 70's in a spirited fashion, as if they've just hit on a treasure chest of blues rock songs.

Given the fine response from the audience, most people in the room were only too happy to undertake the same musical discovery.